Purpose of the CSCA

Can You Be Sure of Quality Cleaning and Maintenance of Closed Heating and Cooling Water Systems?

The maintenance of water quality in closed circuit heating/cooling systems is all too often a contentious subject, as fouling and corrosion problems are exacerbated by a number of factors both in the operation and in the supply and management of the water treatment particularly during the early life of such systems. The ‘blame game’ all too often results in expensive and vexatious litigation proceedings.

There are standards and guidance documents from BSI and BSRIA. But as an owner/operator how can you be sure your service provider has systems in place to work to these high standards?

To address this question, representatives from organisations including BACS, CSA, ICorr, Water Management Society and BSRIA have joined forces to devise and implement a registration scheme to recognise good management practice by the water treatment/chemical cleaning service providers.

Recommendations contained in the well known and highly respected BSRIA publications BG29 and BG50, together with British Standard BS8552 were used by the group to assist in drawing up the scheme, which resulted in the formation in June 2016 of the Closed Systems Control Association (CSCA).

Registration with the CSCA is granted to service provider companies able to demonstrate to CSCA appointed independent auditors that their approach to the management of water quality in closed systems is sound, well documented and compliant with the published CSCA Service Delivery Standards and Code of Practice.

This means that all users of CSCA registered Service Providers (supplying cleaning and/or maintenance water treatment) can be reassured that their management procedures satisfy industry standards.

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